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The Codes We Carry, Lead Dog: Diphtheria DNA/RNA Tuppie (dog blanket)
4mm cube-shaped glass beads, string, cone-shaped jingles, wolverine fur, ribbon, fringe
The Codes We Carry, Smithsonian Renwick Installation
Installation with Seven-dog Team
Multiple Myeloma Burden Strap, DNA/RNA Microarray Analysis
Glass beads, string
Approximately 23”x 72”
Tuberculosis Tuppie (Dog Blanket), DNA/RNA Microarray Analysis
4mm Cube-shaped glass beads, string, cone-shaped jingles

The Codes We Carry: Beadwork as DNA Data is a series of sculptural objects combining traditional Indigenous art forms and techniques with DNA analysis to raise awareness of health disparities for Native people.

Computer-produced genetic data from diseases affecting Indigenous communities is transformed into loom-woven glass bead burden straps an act of data sovereignty.