• Accola Griefen Fine Art Exhibition: Gina Adams, Erica Lord, & Merrit Johnson

    2020- Maajiigin wa’aw akiing miinawaa (Begin This World Again)- Gina Adams, Erica Lord, & Merrit Johnson
    Accola Griefen Fine Art, New York, NY
    Accola Griefen Fine Art

  • Carleton College- Artist Talk

    2020- I was honored to be invited back to Carleton College, back to Boliou Hall, to speak in the Art & Art History department. And although I was incredibly nervous, it eventually was covered over with the happiness I felt being back there and seeing the faces of my teachers as well as a few classmates. Check us out! We're professional artists and professors now! Seriously a dream come true and an honor to return to my alma mater and thank the people that helped me so much in my journey to get here. Thank you.

  • 2017 Institute of American Indian Arts Artist-in-Residence

    I'm back in Santa Fe!
    I am so thankful and excited to return back to Santa Fe and work with the incredible teachers and students at the Institute of American Indian Arts. I look forward to creating some new work back at the place that inspired me in so many ways. Thank you IAIA!

  • 2012 is more than just a new year...

    New Beginnings, New Discoveries, New Selves.
    So far 2012 has been good to me.
    I just recently returned to Upper Michigan (the UP!) where I am currently working on some new projects at the ELw/ELo (EL Wright Building/ELord) Artist Residency... which is really just my self-actualized art program. The EL Wright building in Hancock, MI is an incredible, beautiful old school building which houses three other amazing artists and a number of non-profit organizations.
    It's very exciting to finally have established an independent studio where I can finally begin work on so many of the projects that have been cultivating in my brain for what has seemed like years. Although the gestation period was lengthy, I'd like to think that it just gave me a lot of time to prepare for what I expect to be a prolific period in my art career.
    Please keep an eye out for new projects and images, all of which will of course be posted here at this website, as well as on my facebook profile.
    Thanks to everyone who has continued to be supportive and loving in what was a difficult transitional period in my life. But as this year has proven so far, as the calendar numbers rolled over to 2012, I felt a lot of things flip over and brighten. The road ahead seems to have opened and I see the sun rising again!
    What else can I say except Woohoo!!! Let's GET IT ON! ;)

  • The Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum

    I am happy to report that I am now represented by the Berlin Gallery, located at the Heard Museum of Native American Art in Phoenix, Arizona. I am excited to be represented by such a notable gallery alongside so many other artists that I both admire and am inspired by.
    Please check them out at:

  • Erica Lord: Simulacrum & Subversion

    DeVos Art Museum, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI
    Wonderful exhibit put together by the illustrious Melissa Matuscak. I thank her for her vision and her belief in me. And her incredible trust, as she allowed me to finally put together my TV Totem/Story Pole.

    In addition to the exhibition, I was able to work with an incredible group of students from NMU and the Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College. The students did an incredible amount of work in a short amount of time and together our videos will live in the DeVos Museum until Valentines Day.

    Thank you NMU. xoxo erica

  • authenticities: erica lord & da-ka-xeen mehner

    Annex Gallery, Ester, AK
    December 2009
    art, arms, and authenticities...

  • Alaska Native Arts Foundation & Anchorage Daily News

    Alaska Native Arts Foundation Gallery in Anchorage is hosting me in my first solo exhibition in my home state of Alaska!

    The Search for Nuchalawoyya: Resistance and Reconciliation
    Alaska Native Arts Foundation Gallery, 500 West 6th Ave, Anchorage, AK
    July & August 2009

    Anchorage Daily News, August 2, 2009: Mike Dunham wrote a great article in the Arts section of the paper this Sunday! I'm so thrilled! My face is huge and in half-tone!

    note: Nuchalawoyya is an Athabaskan word describing 'where two rivers meet,' or 'the wedding of the rivers.' Where the Chena river meets the Tanana river, something beautiful happens. One river, a cloudy silty light brown meets a clear dark brown river, together the swirl until they blend. The point at which two things, each distinct in their individual qualities, come together to blend harmoniously into one, the image and idea resonate with me. Nuchalawoyya is a place of both great power and great beauty.

  • Alaska State Council on the Arts

    I would like to thank the Alaska State Council on the Arts for granting me a quarterly Artist Career Opportunity Grant! Their generous help has allowed me to properly prepare, frame, and mount my first solo exhibition in Alaska. Really, I couldn't have done this without them!

  • Alaska 2009

    I'm moved home to Alaska, and I'm staying put. No longer a part-timer, or snowbird as they say here, but for really, for truly, in Fairbanks. It feels great.
    Erica's latest top 10 favorite things about moving back:
    1. Moosemeat
    2. Hot Licks Ice Cream
    3. I know someone on every corner. No, I'm related to someone on every corner.
    4. Everyone says "Welcome Home."
    5. Aritists! Da-Ka-Xeen, Maya, Sonya...the list goes on.
    6. Bingo
    7. Rivers, rivers, rivers. Tanana, Nenana, Chena.
    8. Fishwheels.
    9. Fireweed.
    10. My goofy dad.

  • Enacting Emancipation, A-Space Gallery, Tononto, Ontario

    A SPACE GALLERY presents: Enacting Emancipation
    Featuring Artists James Luna, Emily Jacir, Erica Lord, John Halaka
    Exhibition runs June 28 - August 2, 2008
    Opening Saturday June 28 from 4-7 pm
    Artist panel discussion Saturday June 28, 4-5 pm
    Reception Saturday June 28, 5-7 pm

    When engaging with the similarity of colonial oppression between the Indigenous peoples of North America and Palestine, the late Edward Said stated that the task at hand was “to universalize the crisis, to give greater human scope to what a particular race or nation suffered, [and] to associate that experience with the suffering of others.” Enacting Emancipation was born from this intention. Together the artists in this exhibition — James Luna, Emily Jacir, Erica Lord, and John Halaka — present an immediacy of need in defending land and citizenry, the recognition of sovereignty, and their personal engagements in the quest for freedom.

    Free Event, Refreshment will be served.

    For more information please visit

    A Space Gallery
    401 Richmond Street West, Suite 110, Toronto, ON

  • Update March 2008: Santa Fe

    My life will never cease to amaze me. As I was set and ready to move to the megalopolis that is New York, I receive a email message alerting me to my change in plans. Apparently the stars shifted, the city wasn't quite ready for me, I wasn't ready for the city, but in the meantime, I was allowed to move to Santa Fe, NM. I have been chosen as the 2008 Eric and Barbara Dobkin fellow at the School for Advanced Research (the school formerly known as American Research). In my first week of living back in the desert, I am loving it. Time and space and more time to return to what it is I do best: make. And hopefully the hands still remember their cues. The brain lags in this old, now 30 year old body, but it still has its bright and shiny moments.

    Olympia, WA: I just had a show at the Blackfront Gallery with my good friend Matt Hamon. It was a success. It was the first time I was in a non-school related exhibition where I was showing alongside a white male. Matt, incidentally, was also having his first show alongside a mixed-race Native woman. All this and we may have our first black president? Maybe we are moving along, slowly, slowly.

    "The Artifact Piece, Revisited": The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, George Gustav Heye Center, New York City. I will be re-performing James Luna's compelling piece "Artifact Piece," from April 3-5. I am excited to be working alongside James and re-performing this piece with James' gracious permission. I wish I could say I will be happy to see you there but unfortunately, I will not be interacting verbally with anyone that comes. However, you can check out my fancy new loincloth. The dates and times are below:
    April 3, 1-5pm, lecture at 6pm.
    April 4, 10am-12pm, 2-4pm
    April 5 1-4pm
    April 6 Box only (Erica has been repatriated and has left the box)


    This month's cover is dead sexy!

    "SPIRIT is committed to providing diverse perspectives on Canadian identity and culture through the experiences and expressions of Aboriginal Canadians [and apparently Alaskans too]. SPIRIT is produced by a youth-driven team who volunteer their support to the creation of SPIRIT Magazine. Remember brown skin rocks! Meegwetch!"



    Paris, France, October 30, 2007:
    A new festival of images, namely photo and multimedia is to be held in Paris. Initiated by the Quai Branly Museum, the festival will held on a biennial basis and will focus on the ‘non western’ world. Photoquai will alternate with Paris’ Photo Month. The first event will be held from October 30th to November 25th 2007, on the banks of the Seine and in a dozen renowned Parisian partner institutions of the Quai Branly Museum.

  • Indian Country Today review

  • Our People, Our Land, Our Images

    Our People, Our Land, Our Images
    International Indigenous Photographers Conference, 2006
    University of California Davis

  • New York Times Review

    New York Times
    Review: "Off the Map"

  • Spud Art Review

  • Flavorpill Review

  • Chicago Time Out

  • *Off the Map: Landscape in the Native Imagination*

    Smithsonian Institution, Museum of the American Indian
    George Gustav Heye Center, New York City, NY
    March-September 2007

  • NYC Relocation

    Erica will be relocating to New York in late 2007. A village girl in a big city...
    the most dangerous creation is a woman who has nothing to lose.